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Love how lazy I get with blogs of any sort.

Well just gonna go in a summary base of the top of my head.

KS99 Week, KB my orb, no behemoth's tongue dorp =/ last damn item I need for Nekoai's Black Belt. Got a D ingot which still hasn't sold ~.~ Sold a behemoth hide, got the dusk feet and made some gil on the side compared to getting it crafted. Though fucking Mooze undercutted me -.-;

Got 63 on Ninja, Smn @ 75 now, yay full relic. Gotten a static for nekoai a while back, yay Atonement! 4/5 Askar, just need head. Denali 2/5, hands and body. Aka unlocked smn mythic in a skill up and got Spirit Taker at the same time. Oh last sky cycle, woot, Shura togi for neko^^

Dynamis, next in line for Shadow Ring. And once that happened it hasn't dropped since -.-;
Last Xarc, we were 4% away from getting Elryc's Drg relic weapon fragment ; ; End of the run we got Eurell's shield one o.O; Neko just needs glaicer and xarc to finish relic and then if i ever can go into dreamland dyna, get the accessories.

Hnms. Need. ToDs.... I'm bored without having any hnms to camp or kill -.-. Espically KB and Sandworm. Behemoth's Tongue and Oily Trousers, {Yes, please!} And annoyed as hell with Toki and their fucking $2k bot when we did have ToDs before the hnms are lost forever in JP timezone -.-;

Good note, got Nekoai Avalon Breastplate finally.

This past Thursday gotten all the SCNM baskets in Castle O, so we'll do the scnm fight soon. On the orc on we did wedsnday, yay Nimue's Tights, 20 light, 4atk and 4 mab for Rdm.

Minor Drama llama's here and there nothing worth mentioning here.

Big joy, got -mdt set for Rdm, and tanked Proto-Ultima today :3 Citadel Buster, {too weak}. Love how the rdm lives and the pld dies^^ Afterwards camped resentment cape nm, woot dorp, 3/4 on that bastage >: Used to have the back back in helio but npc'd cause i needed gil ; ; Then a month ago gotten one for Neko, but couldn't camp it again since of events so I lost tod. When to camp it last night, it popped, killed no dorp. Was fun watching this blm soro tonberry pets and this taru rdm pl'ing this hume female in the pop area.

Oh -.- another th4 dissappeared. Damia got the first -1 hands -.-; few weeks later, nq hands dropped, 2-3 runs later poof, never to be heard from again -.-; GFDI -.- I didn't change cause I never thought they would ever drop in the first place and I'm first in line for Rdm belt. Still haven't seen a second since Chiya got hers in Qufim. So I refuse to change back to thf main until that damn belt drops. -.-; Once I finish hqing thf I'll go back to rdm to finish that, leaving whm second still and hope no one else changes to whm main cause I still haven't gotten that damn body. Always seems like when it finally would go second, someone else is whm main -.-; UHG!

Also, finished my dd rdm build from the dusk and nimue's I gotten. 20% gear haste with joytoy and justice = fun^^ Just wish someone would take me to a merripo with it =/

Guess thats all. Now for the fun screenshot links!
Just copy-paste my posts from finale and dyna forums
Cause i forgot to post it ; ;


Byakko is not amused!

The new Finale

Why you shouldn't skip

Liar liar pants on fire?


Bastok never ends w/o the last stone killed. Go go Dancing Edge!

Calendars marked yet?

We will never forget.

@_@ Updates

@_@ Ok, been ages since I've updated and I don't know where to begin.
Short summary of recent events, lead 2 runs with my Dynamis shell while Chiyaura and Deathclaire(Eurell's new nickname), went to visit his parents.  San d'Oria went meh on currency, ok=ish on relic drops.  Glaicer monday almost got jacked by Ddlysins ls -_- orz.
For that run I pulled as rdm/blm since we lacked rdms and thfs showing up D:
Kinda easy to pull there  as, plus lets the only thf we had show up as thf put TH4 on all the mobs XD

Just now. I kid  you not that I straight tanked Xolotl as pld/nin.
Orignal plan was get ToD since no one from friends list and Finale came to help or were online.
But somehow I got in with the kill pty after it depop the first try of the night ;x
Pld/nin + thf/nin on the nm itself.  Rdm and cor buff and support us both.  Rdm and blm on the pets.
Charmed twice, once single target, other AoE version.  Third time I had Fealty up so lol no single target the pld for you!
Only hat dropped ; ;

As of the last week of November I applied, and got accepted into Finale.  Compared to FifthElement and Heliopolis, I'd say its better than the two in terms of getting shit done -_-;  But horrible at gathering most of the time when you're not an officer or when our officers are afk. Kind of like how it was in Helio I think.

As for the Nyzul static, sad seeing Lari not coming any more ; ;
Nekoai gotten Askar hands and body.  Denali hands and body, Brave Sword and burning fists.
Akashimo gotten Denali legs, goliard hands, floor 100 clear, rdm, whm and thf weapons with skills unlocked.
Mystic Boon, has to be the best thing since Hexa Strike for whm.  A club version of Spirit Taker, yay!
Death Blossom, same propeties as Ground Strike, and lowers magic evasion.  Very sweet soro, and in Limbus as rdm/drk dding, nice for opening scs.
Mandalic Stab. Absolutely <3! Fusion single hit ws, yay sam side of the light skillchains and epic damage being a 1 hit ws with dex mods.

Not sure if i mentioned this in my other posts, but 5/5 smn relic same night as 5/5 rdm in Xarc a while ago. =x
And about 2-3 weeks ago, finished /nin on Neko, yay!
Never again though, never again will I ever level another character on the same account -_- Fucking hate leveling nin before 40. HATE. IT!

Oh, gotten my first pair of Alky bracelets @_@ second trig for the day, 4th normal mob dropped it.  <____< But it didn't sell and I wanted me scroll D:  So I traded it to an ls mate for the Ni scroll.  Since then, loads of fun as Pld/nin.
Dark Ixion has become my favorite hnm to tank.  Fafnir is easy.  Still haven't tanked Cerberus since the 3 a.m. rdm/nin tankage^^  No khimmy claims ; ; whm needs seveneyes and neko wants to join in on the hauticlaires of death!  No sandworms either with neko yet ; ;  Finished lolpurple on Neko 2 weeks ago, and finished brown on aka a month+ ago.  Last bastok run got Neko her first piece of relic and first pld one at that, yay Valor Cornet!

So much stuff to recap D:  And I can't remember it all v.v 
Well I guess thats all.  

I'll just close of a screen shot of the gear I tanked Xolotl in and the drops =x

meeep D:

Ok, i'm in a rut. I'm job hunting since my parents decide to stop giving meh money for chores and what not which i spend to pay for FFXI. But my hunt is not bolding well. So I turn to hopefully someone who reads mah journal/DA to hire me for a few commissions.
My min goal is $17 which is 1 month fee for FFXI(13 for one char and $1 per additional~which are mules to hold all my gear)
Work & Rates are:
$1.50 for a forum sig
$2.50 for a Desktop background
$2.50 for a FFXI .DAT to be recolored/new textures
$2.50 for a quick sketch
$3.00 for an inked sktech
$4.00 for a piece of writing or scaned and colored sketch
I need to get the money into my paypal before or on the 28th of August.
Contact me by notes here, or on yahoo messanger id:AkashimoHakubi
Thanks for anyone who wants to get work from me @_@

Also, Charm fun 8 is up on youtube
Minor list of shinnies I've gotten since I've last updated:
Duelist's Tabard
Goliard Cuffs
Denali Kecks
Solo'd SMN AF
lvl50 JSE bodies from panty trades for DRK and RDM
Neko to 71pld and got her a Haubergeon
Tanked Genbu on Neko along with getting Crimson Greeves
SMN relic Hands
Drk relic Feet
Smn to 51
Homam Hands
Nashira Legs

Updates orz

Oi, looks like I forgot to keep in touch with updating ; ;

So I'm gonna summarize what I gotten done based on what I can recall.
Gotten Nashira gages from Proto-Ultima, yay! First piece of the set ^_^
Did some farming for a change. Zomg, Aka actually has gilz!?
Horded my ancient beastcoins and got a Brutal Earring yesterday.
Wensday, camped Charby into Thursday and FINALLY gotten my own Joyeuse! Booya!
Justice Joy RDM go!
Dynamis wise, not much to mention, kind of typed up a rant about being the only TH4 and puller, yet always get the butt of everyones jokes >_>
Here, I'll just copy paste what I said and what everyone else replied to it <_<;.. ....Well that as a friends only post ;x Dynamis - Bastok Friday, went ok, farmed, only died, wha twice I think if at that. Yesterday, Campaigned with Sanctus and Lari fun fun and gotten my Golden Star back yay!!! Then they went to their static party. Me, I just went afkish playing WoW doing some Warsong Gulch with my 26 Warlock, Lneti. <3 having a hooker as a pet xD Limbus, uhg, I HATE healing as Rdm, and still have to watch for silence and all that. /whm makes me feel so dirty. After Limbus went to get a Smart Grendate for +4 atk in the ammo slot, rwar. Then joined Lys and Grendle while they were farming Air Tanks. Mhuarahaha, Whm/drg go! I all your hate are belongs to us! Seriously, it was just fun goofing around on vent, spamming hexa, using Jump, laughing at the emo goblins all the way until 4 in the morning. Pretty much somes it up. That be all for now.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Updates ;3


First tried ods for some gilz on Aka, when it was time to random..... epic win! >_>
No v-claw, ingots or serket ring on my orb, but at least I made money to do limbus right after :D
Limbus, finally gotten the Temenos item for RDM af+1 after a year of having the other since the days of being in SmellsLikeTuna....gawd, what a weak name....


Gotten my Assassin's Bonnet +1 after turning it in before I went to sleep, yay +1 more dex, enmity and def than normal relic hat!
Time for sea! >_> 2 Jailer of Fortitudes, no torque. 3 Jailers of Prudence, no torque either. But I did nab a free lot on the Prudence wand. Not bad to off hand for TP gain. Another virtue stone eater though ; ; Also, Sanctus appears to be trapped by the mithra triforce.....


Dynamis - Xarcabard!
.....Omg.....the truely impossible happened to me....


Off the Thf NM no less!